Sex Ed with Aubrey Plaza

Parks and Recreation's sarcastic intern kills it in a new sex comedy. But first she threatened to kill our writer:

When we arrive at her place, she invites me in to show me the knife that she’d kill me with. It’s sitting on the built-in bookshelf next to her bed. “This is it,” she says. “I practice picking it up quickly.” She perches on the bed and picks it up, twice, quickly.

It is not clear if she is fucking with me. But this is exactly the point. Aubrey Plaza isn’t awkward, not really: She’s operating on a subtle frequency between sincerity and artifice, between humoring an interviewer and trolling him, between pretending not to try and committing completely. Will Ferrell should have handed her that damn statue, and who knows what would have happened next.

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Treat Yo’self: Aziz Ansari’s 10 Essentials

Aziz Ansari is everywhere these days: driving chopped up Maybachs with Jay and Ye, expounding on his love for mac and cheese in Bon Appetit, traveling the country on massive comedy tours, and playing a loveable loser on Parks and Recreation, one of the funniest shows on TV today. He’s also hands down the most stylish comedian in the game, so we talked to him about the dinner jacket he wore to meet POTUS, the best face wash in the world, and the secret source of his boundless energy.

Parks and Rec is Back!

On the eve of the fifth (and final?) season premiere of NBC’s Parks & Recreation, GQ’s Drew Magary spoke with creator Mike Schur about the art of building a great TV sitcom:

GQ: What TV shows are you into?

Mike Schur: We’re huge Game of Thrones fan, huge Breaking Bad fan. I really love Justified. I think that show’s really great.

GQ: Are there any shows that just don’t work for you?

Mike Schur: I prefer to never say the shows that I don’t like, because it feels mean. So there are obviously plenty of shows I don’t like, but I only like to talk about the ones that I do like.

GQ: You’re a good man, Schur.

Mike Schur: I just know how hard it is to make good TV. I’d hate if I just opened a magazine or read some site and some dude I’d never met was just like, “I hate Parks and Rec.” I’d be like, “Come on, dude. What the hell?”

The Hangover, Part III
(The James Beard Award Winning Story)

One of our favorite stories in GQ last year was correspondent Brett Martin's very very funny account of what happened after Aziz Ansari asked on Twitter if a magazine (or travel channel) would please pay for him, chef David Chang and LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy to go to Tokyo and eat food together … and GQ happily volunteered.

Tonight, Brett won a James Beard award for it in the humor category.

(By the way, this was also one of our favorite photos in GQ last year. It’s by¬†Ture Lillegraven)