On the Cover: Cam Newton

He’s android-perfect, a video-game avatar of a quarterback. Last year Cam Newton busted NFL records, threw for a historic 4,051 yards, and fulfilled all the promise of his number-one-draft-pick hype. And that was just his rookie year. This season? Prepare to be entertained.

When he finally calls uncle, unable to go any more, he tears the mask off, his face a mass of sweat and spit.

"Thirsty," he manages to gasp. There’s a flurry of activity from the various PR people.

Someone rushes in with a frothy protein shake, but Cam brushes it away.

"Are you sure you don’t want one of these?" somebody says significantly, pressing a carton of Gatorade 03 into his huge hand.

Newton looks down, then up at the room of expectant faces, all the cameras. Over his shoulder, printed right on the wall, are the words “03…consumed shortly after training and competition will promote protein synthesis and glycogen restoration.”

A big, brilliant smile splashes across his face.

"Well, yes, I do!" he says, and takes a big slug.