James Deen: The Outtakes

ROBBY: You ever head your salad tossed?

GQ: Ah, no.

ROBBY: You’re missing out. (indicates a faunlike starveling crossing the set in a shredded teal body stocking) She’ll eat your ass right now.

ACTRESS: You’ll love it.

GQ: ahem, urk … journalistic integrity … hrmph, urp …

ROBBY: Journalistic integrity. You can go ahead and throw that shit out the window.

The Bieber Sessions: Extras, Outtakes, and Everything Else

If our recent 3,500-word profile of Justin Bieber wasn’t enough for you, good news! There’s plenty of material that didn’t make the final cut, so we’ve collected it all here.

At one point, Bieber told me that the massive gold chain he was wearing was a gift from Usher. (Apparently Usher, along with Scooter Braun, also gave Bieber a Fisker Karma, because Usher likes wasting money.) Anyway, I put that tidbit in an early draft of the article, but then Bieber’s PR lady complained. I am amazed we live in a world where shit like this matters to people. NO! WE CAN’T LET THEM KNOW THE SOURCE OF THE GOLD CHAIN! USHER’S ENTIRE GIFT-GIVING OPERATION DEPENDS ON IT!