Jason Collins, Gamechanger of the Year

For his entire twelve-year NBA career, Jason Collins has been the consummate under-the-radar guy—a defender, a facilitator, a big, tough seven-footer. Last spring, though, it was finally his turn to be the man in the spotlight, making history by becoming the first openly gay athlete in any of the four major American team sports. The still unsigned (hmmm…) free agent tells Andrew Corsello that even if his playing days are over, his work is just getting started.



Trey Burke: The NBA Draft’s Top Style Pick

Six weeks before the NBA draft, Trey Burke was locked inside a gym near his father’s house in Columbus, Ohio, going through his daily regimen of 700 jumpers. But shooting form wasn’t the only thing on the ex-Michigan point guard’s mind. Choosing something to wear on draft night, he said only half-jokingly, “is as important as training.”