GQ Exclusive: Ben Affleck on Politics: “Ugly.” “Toxic.” “Horrendous.” “Complete Bullsh-t.” “I Don’t Want To Run For Office.”

All this feverish speculation that Ben Affleck is ready to put himself forward as a candidate if John Kerry vacates his senate seat, does it really come from somewhere? Other than, that is, from some endlessly re-quoted statements of heady youthful political ambition in an interview Affleck gave to GQ over a decade ago, married with his Boston heritage and the fact that in the last few months he is considered to have completed the nonsensical transformation from derided shallow actor idiot to America’s favorite hyper-talented, smart Hollywood liberal. Maybe the senate stories will turn out to be real; anyone can change their mind. But when Affleck talked with GQ most recently, on September 15 in Los Angeles, he was fairly clear on the subject.