Jenny Johnson’s Field Guide to Internet Commenters

People Whose Parents Laughed at Their Jokes When They Were Kids, Therefore They Think They Are Authorities on Comedy 

These sweethearts take the time to let me know every chance they get whether or not something I have written is funny. Comments like, “Not your best work,” “Swing and a miss,” or “You used to be funny. Unfollow” are some of their favorites. If you aren’t familiar this person, I’ll give you a hint. You know that kid your parents would force you to invite to your birthday party? It’s that kid as an adult. They often follow parody accounts of comedians or actors, where all of the tweets are stolen from actual funny people. They most likely own the sequel to Deuce Bigalow on DVD.

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The 15 Worst-Dressed Men Of Silicon Valley

Sure, nerds run the world. But with their notoriously poor fashion choices, some dotcom entrepreneurs could use a style IQ boost. While their tech innovations are advancing humankind, their outfits are one giant leap back. A brief sample below. Click here to read GQ’s Clover Hope full list of the 15 worst offenders.

7. Tom Anderson

Position: Co-Founder of MySpace

Style Sins: Consider MySpace’s most recognizable friendly face a victim of over-layering. Except in Antarctic temps, there’s rarely a reason to wear a T-shirt, hoodie and blazer all at once, like Tom prefers. Even in the college-student-uniform department, Zuck has him beat.