Sports Meets Style: Dwyane Wade Curates a Gilt Sale

Miami Heat star and reigning NBA champion Dwyane Wade, one of the founding fathers of the NBA Style Revolution (trademark pending), is launching a personally curated sale on GiltMAN today. The fine folks at Gilt also sent along a short Q&A with the interdisciplinary superstar himself, which included this interesting tidbit:

Do you and Lebron and Chris Bosh coordinate your looks out there?

No, never. We’re three guys who love to dress, and we love to see what each other wears from game to game, so we’re all surprised when the other walks in. Some days it’s weird, because we’re color coordinated, and you’re like, “why are we picking the same color right now?”

Really, Dwyane? Really?

Ain’t that just like D. Wade

via gqfashion:

Dwyane Wade Suits Up

Lately Dwyane Wade has been looking just as sharp off the court as he does on, so we asked the Miami Heat superstar to break down his five favorite looks of the season. This is what Dwyane calls his “Throwback Tweed Look”:

“To wear a gray tweed suit, you have to be mature and confident in yourself. Some people can’t pull it off. My thing is that I always want to do something to pop my outfit. The sweater adds that punch of color, and the driving cap grabs attention.”

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