The Worldwide Leader In Dong Shots

"I did like nine television shows [about the Favre story] in two days," Daulerio recalls. "The Today show called me on a Sunday at two thirty. It was brunch time with my girlfriend and a friend, and I was half in the bag. A couple of hours and two bong hits later, I’m doing an interview on the porch. Everyone is jamming Adderall to clean the place as quickly as possible. I was trying to find pants.” The story has generated 5 million page views to date—and plenty of debate about the TMZ-ization of sports journalism. “It isn’t a question of whether or not he should have done the story. It’s a story,” says Frank Deford, who’s been writing for Sports Illustrated since 1962. “But aren’t there better stories to do? Do we really want to know about Brett Favre trying to get laid? Wouldn’t you rather spend your time delving into the evils of college athletics, or drugs and sports?”

Even Will Leitch, the founding editor of Deadspin and one of Daulerio’s closest friends, has gotten a little queasy. At first, Leitch talked with Daulerio constantly about the site, hashing out ideas and offering advice. But in July 2009, when Daulerio posted a link to the Erin Andrews stalker video, Leitch thought he went too far. They remain close but no longer talk about Deadspin. Leitch, now a writer for New York magazine, told me he wouldn’t have published the Favre photos: “I never wanted people to feel like they needed to take a shower.”

From Gabriel Sherman's wild, darkly funny profile in GQ's Feb 2011 issue of Deadspin editor and “god of chaos” AJ Daulerio. [Photograph by Alessandra Petlin]