Stuff We Like: Bones Brigade: An Autobiography

Sometime around 1980, a 21-year-old Santa Monican named Stacy Peralta partnered with a Stanford engineer named George Powell to form a company that coincided with America’s new interest in the hateful sport of skateboarding. Powell-Peralta needed a team of riders and Peralta, a former pro, wanted young talent he could both independently nurture and collectively shape into a lasting and dominant group of the best skaters in the world. The result was the Bones Brigade, the most-famous, most-influential, sometimes most-troubled team in the fifty-year history of a sport that’s now worth $8 billon. His selections included a rural Floridian math prodigy and an inland California kid with size 13 feet whose only other interest was the violin—his name was Tony. Peralta’s now an established filmmaker (Riding Giants, Dogtown and Z-Boys [his old team]) and he’s brought together the team and a few skateheads you might recognize (Ben Harper, Shepard Fairey) to tell their story. Narrated with interviews over gorgeous archival footage and photos, Bones Brigade: An Autobiography is an unexpectedly personal and emotional look at a time when youth and raw talent shaped a sport still in embryo.

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