The 10 Essentials: Eddie Huang

If you’ve followed the world of food this past year, you’ll recognize Eddie Huang as the next big celebrity chef. The former lawyer turned Baohaus founder becomes a memoirist this month with Fresh Off the Boat, his story of growing up Asian-American. As sharp as Anthony Bourdain (a man he’s often compared to), as marketable on TV as Guy Fieri (a man he’d rather not be), he’s fresher than both, with a backwards-cap swagger and no doubt of what’s dope and what’s dumb. After shooting him a direct message on Twitter, Eddie got on the phone with us to talk about the ten things that are Huang-approved.

"I Love To Hate Him"
The Alan Richman GQ Roast: Part 1

Last week, the best chefs in America gathered at Le Bernardin in New York to take their best shots at the man who’s taken his best shots at them for 25 years. Eric Ripert, Daniel Boulud, David Chang—all took turns as roastmaster general. But the highlight was the long-awaited showdown between GQ’s longtime restaurant critic and his arch-nemesis, Anthony Bourdain. More on that later. First up, Part 1: The Preheating. Sharpen those knives, everybody.