The Audacity of Bro

Have you heard about this guy Obama?

Wrote a book about his brilliant but absentee father?

Ran for office promising hope and change?

No, no, not the leader of the free world. Not that guy. Meet Malik Obama. He’s Barack’s older-by-three-years brother; he’s sure he can save the people of Kenya, if only they’d let him; and he wants you to know that he’s the one true heir to the Obama name.

EXCLUSIVE: CIA Director John Brennan, Obama’s Drone-Master

John Brennan, the CIA director and the man largely responsible for the U.S.’s drone strategy, is so influential that some Pentagon officials have taken to calling him the “Deputy President.” In an exclusive interview, GQ’s Reid Cherlin talks to Brennan about the ethics of targeted killing, the next global arms race (get ready for everybody to have their own drones), and what it feels like to be the guy the president turns to when he wants a bad guy blown away:

GQ: One of the main criticisms against the program is that we’re delegitimizing the friendly governments who are letting us do this.

JB: We’re very cognizant that these types of programs have the potential, and reality, of backlash. And we need to be very mindful of that. You know, the example of Yemen. It’s astounding how many Yemenis have died at the hands of Al Qaeda. AQAP have crucified Yemenis. They have beheaded them. They have disemboweled them. So President Hadi and others are saying, ‘We need help against this cancer within our country here.’ And we’re trying to do this in a manner that does not lead to any type of backlash against us or the government. So it’s striking that proper balance.

I just had an hour-and-a-half meeting on Yemen, an interagency meeting with senior officials from throughout the government. Never once in that 90-minute meeting did we talk about a drone shot, or a kinetic strike [the government’s term of art—kinetic—for blowing things up]. We talked about what we need to do to encourage and enhance the national dialogue that’s taking place, the economic assistance taking place, the capacity-building—doing the types of things that we need to do for Yemen. And so unfortunately, when people talk about, you know, they think we rely on drones to effect change in these countries, that it’s over-reliance on them. Well no! It’s a small part of it.

GQ: But people aren’t seeing these as strikes of last resort. They’re seeing that strikes just lead to more strikes. I talked to Peter W. Singer, a drones expert at the Brookings Institution, who told me that some officials think of the program as “mowing the lawn.”

JB: There are a lot of people who talk about these issues very callously, on the outside. Because they’re not a part of it. And it’s easy for people to criticize, to lay blame…Sometimes you need to take these types of kinetic actions, because you’re trying to give these other efforts time and space. And if we don’t arrest the growth of Al Qaeda in a Yemen, or a Mali, or a Somalia, or whatever else, that cancer is going to overtake the body politic in the country, and then we’re going to have a situation that we’re not going to be able to address.

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Drew Magary on Beyoncé-Gate:

Wow, who would have guessed that a 21st-century pop star would rely on enhanced production values during a live performance? I’m STUNNED, I tell you. Why, I read our profile of her this month in GQ and I thought to myself, “Now there’s a lady who totally isn’t obsessed with being in complete control of how she presents herself! The only reason she has a videographer film her seventeen hours a day is because she’s so chill in front of a camera!”

Beyoncé almost certainly sang the song live AND synched it to backing tracks. This is a woman who spends every performance trying to upstage HER OWN voice. If you’re outraged that she lip synched, you’re probably someone who already dislikes her and thinks she’s a cheap phony. If you’re angrily defending your precious Bey against all the haters out there, you’re probably one of my colleagues at Gawker who look for any excuse to lionize her. But no one could possibly be genuinely upset that she didn’t do the thing au naturel. That’s like bitching about the retouching in an issue of Playboy. Don’t be so naive. Turns out she WASN’T horny while filming that “Crazy in Love” video! I feel so used.

Both Guys Want Me! WHAT DO I DO???!!!!!

A female works through her very desirable female vote:

I JUST DON’T KNOW YOU GUYS!!!!!!! By my tally—which could be inaccurate because you know what happens when you put women and numbers in the same room (haha, actually, I’m not sure what happens! But that just goes to show why you never, ever put women and numbers in the same room)—Mitt Romney said “women” 45 times during his convention speech, while Barack Obama only mentioned “women” 31 times. Neither of them mentioned cats or The Bachelor. Hmmph :(

They both had Moms they really liked, which is obviously one of my top issues! I’m not a Mom yet, but believe you me, when I am, I’m going to make everyone call me Mom first and foremost. Like the checkout kid at the grocery store, “That’ll be $62.91, Mom.” Or my dear gynecologist Dr. Bernowitz, “Could you schooch down a little closer to the end, Mom?” My husband, for sure, will call me Mom around the clock! I get a 50 Shades of Gray-esque tingle down there (you know what I mean, ladies!!) just imagining him whispering in my ear, “Mom, you want to head up to the master bedroom?”

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