Liam Gallagher’s 10 Essentials

It comes as no surprise that the notoriously cantankerous former Oasis frontman has opinions—usually about things he doesn’t care for. So we asked him about what he actually likes. He told us 10 things and, for good measure, used the word “fuck” 14 times in the process. Read them all here

1. My Favorite TV Shows

"I love ‘Judge Judy.’ And, fucking, who’s the black guy with the bald head? Montel. My wife and I love that shit. Also, I like that ‘Celebrity Rehab’ you have in America, too. I was watching it on TV and then I went out the night after to this Marilyn Manson gig, and that guy from Grease with the walking stick—what’s his fucking name? He died a couple weeks ago? [Jeff Conaway.] He was there and asked me if I wanted a line. I’m like ‘What the fuck? You’re meant to be in fucking rehab.’"