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A$AP Rocky on European Fashion Week: “Dope as F@#!k”

Here are our top five favorite quotes from the GQ A$AP Rocky interview, in which the rapper plays fashion police and weighs in on Raf Simons, Rick Owens, and many, many more:

1. On Moschino: “He looks like that character from Batman with all the question marks around him.”

2. On Raf Simons: “I think that’s dope as fuck.”

3. On Moncler Gamme Bleu: “Thom Browne is a fuckin’ maniac. I love it.”

4. On Jean Paul Gaultier: ”Zippers are in this season. Zippers and gators. Everything snake skin and iguana skin—all that is in right now.”

5. On Kris Van Assche: ”He looks like he could be one of the Men in Black, a cool one, because he has blue pants.”

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The Survivors: Erykah Badu

Presenting our interview with Erykah Badu, who stars in the most kickass photo from our Music Issue. In a chat with GQ’s Sean Fennessey, the soul goddess unveiled her unlikely inspiration Steve Harvey (!?), walked us through her childhood, and told us about her upcoming collaboration with Flying Lotus. Read the whole Q&A here. Below, Erykah on Steve Harvey and her #1 fan. 

GQ: You were a rapper at one point, too. Was there a time when being an MC seemed more likely for you than being a singer? 
Erykah Badu: That was back when I was in college. I went to [Grambling State] university from 1989 to ‘93 to study theater, so I was an actor at that point. It wasn’t my aspiration to be a singer, it was to be an artist. When I was 23 or 24, I was rapping and emceeing a lot with Free, but I was also working at Steve Harvey’s comedy house. He was my boss—the best boss ever. Funny, generous, considerate, and he knew I was an artist. When I started working there I was a waitress, and somehow I became a hostess. When he knew he could trust me, he moved me to the ticket booth. I handled money and helped organize transportation and hotel reservations for the comedians that came in. I noticed Steve didn’t have a stage manager, so I got that job, making sure everybody was taken care of. I love being of service to people—the whole act of it is really great to me. One day Steve was late going onstage, so I went out to the mic and threw out some jokes and stuff. People were laughing and heckling and having fun and Steve came onstage and scolded me in front of everybody. It was so funny. We started doing it every night. [Laughs] It felt like, This is where I want to be. Steve was really inspirational in that.

GQ: Did your mother encourage you being an artist? 
Erykah Badu: Hell yeah. She’s my number-one fan, supporter, and everything. I don’t know nothing about failing as a result of what she says to me. “You’re gonna win. You’re the best. Don’t worry about it. You got it. You’re the dopest. They can’t fuck with you.” That’s her. All day. That’s, to me, an example of great parenting. Maybe we missed a couple things, some name-brand cookies, but I had everything.

Five Questions with the Stars of Horrible Bosses

Why you should watch our video:

GQ: Who would be worse to work for, Charlie Day or Jason Sudeikis?
Jason Bateman: Sudeikis would be the worst for our shareholders, because we probably wouldn’t get a lot done. We would get great, great sleep; everybody would be very well-rested. And Charlie would just be…bad for too many reasons. 
Charlie Day: Bad for business. We’d run the company into the ground. 
Jason Bateman: But if you were shorting this company, then he’d be a great boss. You’d make a lot of money, because it would go right down the shitter. 

Liam Gallagher’s 10 Essentials

It comes as no surprise that the notoriously cantankerous former Oasis frontman has opinions—usually about things he doesn’t care for. So we asked him about what he actually likes. He told us 10 things and, for good measure, used the word “fuck” 14 times in the process. Read them all here

1. My Favorite TV Shows

"I love ‘Judge Judy.’ And, fucking, who’s the black guy with the bald head? Montel. My wife and I love that shit. Also, I like that ‘Celebrity Rehab’ you have in America, too. I was watching it on TV and then I went out the night after to this Marilyn Manson gig, and that guy from Grease with the walking stick—what’s his fucking name? He died a couple weeks ago? [Jeff Conaway.] He was there and asked me if I wanted a line. I’m like ‘What the fuck? You’re meant to be in fucking rehab.’"