Do You Suffer From #FOMO?

In an era in which we are accosted by the meals, vacations, parties, and sheer awesomeness of most everyone we know—thanks, Instagram and everyone else in Silicon Valley!—we’ve never been more aware of what we’re not doing. Which can occasionally lead to an anxiety disorder known as #FOMO—Fear of Missing Out. Will Welch identifies the symptoms and recommends a simple course of treatment.

Ladies, put on full makeup, fix your hair, put on a T-shirt with a large collar and “Flashdance” it off your shoulder, get in bed, and take a selfie like you just woke up. Write things like, “Ugh. So tired.” or “This is my exhausted look.” Add hashtags like #NoFilter or #BedHead. It really will lead people to believe you wake up looking good, and not like your usual bag of shit.