Imaginary Lines from an Imaginary Hurricane Sandy Sex and the City Episode

Meanwhile uptown, Samantha was doing a different kind of blowing.

Later that day I got to thinking about how hard communication is even when the city is up and running. If I hadn’t heard from Mr. Big all last week, why was I expecting to hear from him tonight, when half of New York was without power? When it comes to dating, aren’t we always in the dark?

“Sandy? More like Hurricane Feelin’ Randy!”

It was then Charlotte decided that if hundreds of her fellow New Yorkers were out there in the cold, bringing supplies to evacuation centers, the least she could do was be bighearted and give Harry a helping hand.

Charlotte: “Samantha! You didn’t call for two days! I had no idea if you were okay!”
Samantha: “Oh, I would say I was more than okay.”
Charlotte: “Did you stay dry?”
Samantha: “The opposite, in fact. I was wet. Wet all night long.”

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