10 Essentials: Simon Jacomet

Simon Jacomet dreams up blueprints for the world’s most baller skis (see, for example, this recent gorgeous collaboration with Bentley). When talking to the lithographer/creative director/lumberjack, it’s clear that functional beauty wins his Alpine aesthete’s heart. We were fortunate enough to hit the powder in Disentis, Switzerland with Jacomet, where he told GQ why his Land Rover, Swiss Army shovel, and perfect pair of Italian leather shoes are on his list of indispensables.

Treat Yo’self: Aziz Ansari’s 10 Essentials

Aziz Ansari is everywhere these days: driving chopped up Maybachs with Jay and Ye, expounding on his love for mac and cheese in Bon Appetit, traveling the country on massive comedy tours, and playing a loveable loser on Parks and Recreation, one of the funniest shows on TV today. He’s also hands down the most stylish comedian in the game, so we talked to him about the dinner jacket he wore to meet POTUS, the best face wash in the world, and the secret source of his boundless energy.

Das Racist’s “10 Essentials”:
The List Includes Ice Water, Seaweed, Naps

We asked the irreverent, fast food-loving, endearingly crude rap crew to name a few of their favorite things. This is what they told us:

1. Ice Water
Kool A.D.: It’s good to stay hydrated. Also, a classic “Wu Banger.”
Dapwell: I don’t like ice water at all. It’s a dumb American thing. I like hot water. When I drink it, it makes me shit.
Heems: I want to go on the record as liking limewater.


3. Soup Dumplings
Heems: Yeah, we love ‘em.
Kool A.D.: They’re like a savory Gusher. They’re a little dangerous. A literally exciting meal.
Heems: They are a humbling food. They level the human playing field and humanize whoever’s eating them.
Dapwell: It’s like a straw. It makes everyone look like a weirdo.

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