The GQ Pro-Con Debate: Gwyneth Paltrow

Every week, two GQ editors will politely joust over something happening in culture, fashion, sports, or, really, anything we can think of that matters. This week, we set our sights on Mrs. Coldplay. Click here to read the full debate between GQ’s  Andrew Richdale and Sean Fennessey . Selected portions below…

Andrew’s Position: Pro
I get that “Criminally Rich Girl from Famous Parents with Blonde Hair but Not Big Boobs” may be a boner shrinker for most folks reading this, but Gwyneth Paltrow is my hugest celebrity crush. Hold up, WHAT. Yeah, your reaction to hearing that proves my point. We’ve been programmed to hate her privileged upbringing, despise her intellect, and laugh at every joke about her vaguely British accent (I’m not gonna defend that last one). So much so that one friend recently described her as “The Most Hated Woman in America.” Really? Her? Not the Octomom or Casey Anthony or one of the girls from The Hills? You’re gonna pick the GOOP chick?

Sean’s Position: Con
What Gwyneth does is convince observers that while she may spend much of her time purring in luxury’s lap like a well-fed kitten, she also knows that she’s doing so. She works to convince us, Hey, I’m better than you, but at least I know it and can sort of mock it. Some recent examples of this tactic: A "clever" Tweet about her husband’s band. A knowingly schlocky performance as an aging, flaming out addict country star. A sexed-up guest spot on Glee in defiance of her Protestant Ice Queen persona (covering Gary Glitter of all perversions!) And the coup de grace: heavy-petting interviews with yacht buddy Jay-Z. Paltrow’s second act is a fat, strained self-parody of part one. These are the devil’s strategies, winking at artifice and making us believe that even if he does exist, he’s probably got one helluva sense of humor.