GQ & A: Will Oldham and Matt Sweeney

The rock duo talks to GQ’s Will Welch about songwriting, inspiration, and Friday Night Light’s Coach Taylor:

GQ: What do you mean, “Some shit’s been going down?”

Matt Sweeney: Well, Will had made a home tape of all the songs and I’d listened to that tape a lot. I was really used to how the songs sounded on the tape, but they were being recorded very differently so I had to re-learn everything. I remember figuring out my parts and being like, “Okay, I’m ready to go.” It was pretty work-y, in a good way.

GQ: Will, whether it’s for a tour or an album, can you articulate what it is about Matt’s playing that makes you call him?

Will Oldham: With Matt there’s an approach that’s like an openness to what’s going to happen in the song. But as soon as the groove is hit, it becomes incredibly solid and full and reliable and strong. There’s a heavy, strong, powerful confidence that is also really‚Ķ Fun.