The GQ & A: Bob Mould

GQ: Do you find it harder to write music when you’re happy?
Bob Mould: I mean traditionally music has been my way—it’s done a number of things for me. As a child it was a way to sort of block out what was happening around me. And it still serves that purpose to this day. I have music in my head constantly. I have to have a soundtrack in my head. In the past, it’s been easier to be inspired when I’m unhappy because it’s a way of getting a solution. Now, gosh, I don’t know. I haven’t written music in three years because of the book so I don’t know where I’m going to write from now. If I write from this place of extreme happiness, I’ll probably try to wreck it. If I look at my work so far, the presumption is that people identify with it and it resonates with them because it says things about the human condition that they feel. Which is great, but I’m sort of happy right now, and I want to enjoy that for a little bit.

photo: Brendan McWeeney