Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

Let’s begin with the greatest fourth-quarter comeback in NFL playoff history, the one that was and then wasn’t. January 13, 2013. The Seattle Seahawks are down 27–7 to the Atlanta Falcons, and the team’s rookie- phenom quarterback, Russell Wilson—wily extender of plays, leader of taller, heavier men—is bringing the Hawks back, one dazzling, improbable touchdown at a time. Wilson is five feet ten and five-eighths inches, believes in God and winning; twenty-one straight points later, his team has the lead. Thirty-one seconds to go. And, well—you know the rest. Final score: Falcons 30, Seahawks 28. Unconfirmed reports out of the Northwest suggest that blood has been falling from the sky ever since.

So, Russ, how much time have you spent thinking about that loss?

"None," he says.


"As a competitor you just have to move on."

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