This Is The Most Stylish Man On TV

All week we’ve been counting down from 25. Today we finished it off our list of TV’s most stylish men, the one you probably assumed would be topped by Don Draper. But if you ask us—and no disrespect to the man, because after all, he’s still awfully damn high on the list—there’s something a bit too perfect about Dapper Don’s style to hand him the belt. Below, GQ’s Sean Fennessey makes the case for why, this year at least, the champ is Justified's Raylan Givens. (And yes, for the thousandth time, you should be watching Justified. It’s the new Breaking Bad of the shows-you-should-be-watching meme.)

Where Don Draper and Tom Haverford work hard—in their suiting, their grooming, their boozing—Raylan Givens just sort of is. Take him as he comes, all swaggering I-just-shot-someone-yesterday machismo: that tan ten gallon hat accented by a leather band is a phallic indicator of what’s coming through the door, with two six-shooters on the hip and terminating scum on the mind. And as casually as he’ll put a hot slug in you, he’ll smartly sport a crispy chambray shirt and woven belt. Not everything is hard. Sometimes you’ve just got own it. -S.F.