From the Archives: 11 Moments with James Gandolfini

Back in 2004, GQ Man of the Year James Gandolfini settled in for a candid talk with Chris Heath about life, death, and a guy called T.

I ask him: Why do you think you act?

"To maybe vomit my emotions out of me," he says, an answer both flip and serious. He smiles. "Am I making this hard for you?" he asks. And he offers a more considered reply: "I think I feel a lot. I never wanted to do business or anything. People interest me, and the way things affect them. And I also have a big healthy affinity for the middle class and the blue-collar, and I don’t like the way they’re treated, and I don’t like the way the government is treating them now. I have a good healthy dose of anger about all of that. And I think that if I kept it in, it wouldn’t have been very good. I would have been fired a lot. So I found this silly way of living that allows me to occasionally stand up for them a little bit. And mostly make some good money and act like a silly fool."

11 Moments with James Gandolfini