Kelly Oxford’s Guide to Not Screwing Up Mother’s Day for Your Wife

If you’re like us, you’re still perfecting the all-too-important art of nailing Mother’s Day. Maybe you spaced on placing a call to Mom back in college, or got to the florist in the eleventh hour and had to settle for a cactus. Maybe you showed up in a T-shirt looking a little hungover from that double-overtime playoff game the night before. Regardless, she’s your mom, and she forgave you because she’s your mom. Moms are good that way to their offspring. That’s why there’s a friggin’ holiday named after them.

But you know who moms don’t forgive quite as easily when they screw up the Oscars of Hallmark holidays? Their husbands. Yep, the baby-daddy needs to get it right. And know this: Without help, you will not get it right. But help has arrived in the form of moms’ mom, GQ contributor, Twitter conqueror, and best-selling literary superstar (one fail-safe gift idea for any mom is a copy of her devastatingly honest, hilarious memoir, Everything Is Perfect When You’re a Liar), Kelly Oxford. Kelly answered our questions to try to save us from ourselves and rescue mother’s day for the mothers of our children.