The GQ+A: Eli Roth on New Disaster Horror Flick Aftershock

At first, Eli Roth's Aftershock (hitting theaters, as well as VOD, iTunes, and Direct TV, on Friday) looks like a gorgeous spring break-style movie—three friends making their way across cheerfully colorful Chilean landscapes with plenty of booze, good music, and beautiful women. That is, until a massive earthquake hits while they’re at an underground nightclub and they spend the rest of the film trying to escape the horrifying chaos that follows it. Also: a tsunami.

Roth and the film’s director Nicolás López—who co-wrote and co-produced Aftershock with Roth who also stars in the movie—were inspired by the real-life 8.8 earthquake that hit Chile in 2010 and the aftershocks, tsunami, and prison escapes that followed. Turns out there are a lot scarier things than an apocalyptic natural disaster.

GQ talked to Roth about filming ’70s-style, how we react to disaster, and the tsunami that’s coming for us all.