Carles of Hipster Runoff Talks Buzz Teams

If anything, I would say that a buzz team is a team from which we don’t expect greatness during the current playoffs—but shows “great promise for the next 3 seasons and beyond.” Young nucleus of “good kids” + “a few veterans who may or may not have been there before.” A coach who has instilled a genuine “team concept” and defensive/high-octane offense brand of basketball. A franchise whose team has “taken on the identity of the city.” A team that can generate a good stream of memes for NBA bloggers.

Buzz teams don’t always pan out.

Buzz teams can go well. (The Baby Bulls: even though the Baby Bulls are pre-Rose, I still feel like there was a lot of emotional currency transferred to the present Bulls era).

Buzz teams can see their buzz bubbles burst. (The Washington Wizards: Thanks a lot, Gilbert Arenas.)
Buzz teams can accidentally stay buzzworthy for too long (The Atlanta Hawks.)