The GQ+A: Julie Delpy

Catherine Deneuve aside, you can pretty much thank Julie Delpy for keeping the American obsession with French women alive and kicking. There’s a reason we liked the 1995 Linklater-directed indie rom com Before Sunrise so much—Delpy’s Celine is hot, sophisticated, and witty, not one of those Katherine Heigl-type heroines who mistake tripping down some stairs for “being cute.” This month, Before Midnight, the insanely anticipated—it’s been nine freakin’ years!—third installment of the series drops in on Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine, now in their early 40s with kids, and working through some Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf-level marital strife while summering in Greece. If that sounds like a turnoff, let us remind you there’s still plenty of bantering and philosophizing on postcard-worthy European side streets, and Delpy is charming as ever. That latter part is evidenced quite convincingly here.