Now See This: Hit the Wall

Early in the sweltering morning of June 28, 1969, a group of Greenwich Village policeman entered the Stonewall Inn and announced they were taking over the place. Accounts of what happened next are disputed, but things did not go as planned. Over the next few hours, 14 people were arrested, four police injured, the bar’s interior demolished, and what was once a hotspot for cross-dressers and the bi-curious had become a Gay Rights mecca, forever known as Stonewall. Hit The Wall recently opened at the Barrow Street Theatre in the West Village, almost across the street from where the events in question took place. The show takes few sides, spinning contrasting narratives that are political, personal, crushing, redeeming, and empowering to examine the literal and figurative boundaries of race, class, sex, storytelling, and the stage itself. Special props go to music director Dan Lipton, who researched everything from 1969’s make of Stratocaster to the records on Stonewall’s jukebox. The result is a score that embraces everything from Hendrix’s mythical sound to the clacking of a street kid’s bongos, both psychedelic and primal, fun yet urgent, and above all, aware. Don’t miss it.—COLE LOUISON

Directed by Eric Hoff and written by Ike Holter

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