Andrew Breitbart on Sarah Palin:
"I Think the Presidency Is Beneath Her"

Your book jacket says that you’re “one of the most polarizing figures of our time.” That’s a compliment?
Yes. The media is dominated by people who disagree with American exceptionalism—the academic Marxist crowd’s worldview—and somebody needed to start taking it on directly. The Right has focused its energy and money on the political process, and it just kind of shrugged off culture. But culture is everything in this country. Once you get down to the political level, you’ve already lost the battle. I sleep so well at night taking these people who I’ve isolated as the problem. It’s not Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. It’s Katie Couric, Brian Williams. It’s Paramount and Sony and the people in Hollywood who hide their message in art. And that’s why it’s so potent—

I only have 1000 words, honey.
I’m sorry. I get riled up.

For our money, no one in the business is better at these interviews that GQ’s Lisa DePaulo, who toys with spoke with right-wing web-media mogul Andrew Breitbart for this month’s issue. Click through for the full Q+A, including Breitbart’s thoughts on Planned Parenthood, his cure for ADD and why liberals have lousy radio shows.