The Worst Sports Fans in America

8. Duke University Basketball
Silver-Spoon Bullies

Duke fans who complain that everyone hates them because they’re too good are like cheerleaders who complain that everyone hates them because they’re too pretty. Sorry, princess! Soaked with arrogance (and Dick Vitale tongue baths), the Dukies have hit NC State with the chant “If you can’t go to college, go to State!” while UNC has gotten the blunter “We’re smart! You’re dumb!” This from the crowd who interminably claim to be the classiest in all of basketball. Here’s what the most reviled fans in college sports don’t understand: When everyone already resents you for being a perennial national champion, brainstorming new ways to make fun of people doesn’t make you clever. It makes you a dick.

Just so you know, the author of this hilarious list, Adam Winer, went to Duke, as did your chief GQ Tumblrer. So: know thyself. (And don’t worry, fellow Dukies—we ranked the Maryland Twerps far higher on the list. Appropriately.) Click here for the full list—a fitting way to tip off today’s start of the NCAA college basketball tournament. What’s that you say? It started on Tuesday with the so-called “First Four.” No it didn’t, people. No it didn’t.

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