The GQ&A: Tig Notaro On Her “Embarrassingly Amazing Life”

In August Notaro delivered an off-the-cuff standup set about being diagnosed with breast cancer just days earlier, that earned instant praise from comedy bigwigs Louis CK and Ed Helms, who were at the show that night. (Their tweets: here and here.) Below an excerpt of our interview with her:

GQ: Were you ever mad at the universe or fate or God, or whatever? 
Tig Notaro: 
No. No. Not in the slightest.

GQ: How did you manage that? 
Tig Notaro: 
I’ve had an embarrassingly amazing life. Not that I was prepared to die, but I just thought of all the people that have suffered for their entire life—and then die. I’ve traveled the world, and been in love, and my career has exceeded my expectations. I didn’t feel angry, because I have nothing to be angry about—it just happened. Anger just didn’t make sense to me.