"Fuck them. Fuck James Holmes. Keep writing. Keep bleeding." - Kurt Sutter

In the latest installment of Kurt Sutter's Anarchy Diaries, the Sons of Anarchy creator discusses love, fear, and the art of the toy gun:

When violence strikes the real world and fantasy becomes reality, people panic. Rightly so. Mass homicide is a terrifying thing. But to lay blame at the feet of artists is too easy. And yes, one could view this opinion as self-preservation and indeed maybe on some level it is. But along with fear, we write about love. Some of us create beautiful, heartfelt, moving works of art. Yet no one credits those works with influencing positive social growth or a decrease in crime or violence. No one makes a toast at a wedding thanking the Brontë sisters or Nora Ephron for inspiring their love. Yeah, I know it’s apple and oranges, but you get the point—if you don’t give us credit for the beauty, you can’t give us credit for the beast. Love and fear drive us.