Robert Gibbs Is Quitting The Job He Hates

A telling passage from “Hopeless,” Robert Draper’s excellent November 2010 profile of Obama’s soon-to-be-former White House press secretary.

Gibbs’s casual contempt for journalists seems to be one of those unpleasant facts of life the White House media have come to expect. In Prague earlier this year, Gibbs told the traveling press to meet him for a goodwill dinner, then never showed up—and never bothered to respond to their where-are-you messages. The reporters were annoyed but not terribly surprised, as Gibbs is notoriously unresponsive. The press corps has become so accustomed to this behavior that they barely seemed to notice when the press secretary finished off a recent briefing by saying with a straight face, “I’ll do one more, and then I’ll go back to work.”