Dan Savage on the Horniest College Students in America, and Other Penis-Related News

Chances are you know Dan Savage for one of two things: his widely influential and deeply moving It Gets Better campaign, or for being that guy who coined “santorum.” For the last 20 years though, he’s had a different gig: Dispensing relationship and sex advice through his syndicated column and podcast, Savage Love. For MTV’s Savage U (season finale, tonight at 11:30PM), he doled out the same wry-but-earnest straight-talk to a dozen or so of America’s most sex-thirsty college students. Here, he shares his pick for horniest college, what parents get wrong when they talk about sex, and how much masturbation is too much (hint: you’re probably safe).

GQ: You interviewed students all over the country about sex. What school had the horniest population?

Savage: Tulane [laughs]. Tulane, hands down. It might as well be a school in the New Jersey state system.

What about the most sexually frustrated?

Probably Cornell. Everyone there is working so hard. They say that it’s the easiest Ivy to get into but the hardest to get out of. The kids we talked to were too stressed for relationships but still wanted to have sex with somebody. They asked the varsity level questions—about three-ways, kinks, and bondage. You know, the out-there stuff.