Not a Third Wheel:
The GQ+A With Chris Bosh

GQ’s Mark Anthony Green spoke to the Miami Heat forward about where he ranks among the team’s most stylish players, what D-Wade has in common with Kanye, how he felt about Shaq’s jabs at him, and who takes the last shot when the game’s on the line. But our favorite part of this interview (click here to read all of it) is when Bosh talks about a subject most athletes never go near: crying.

GQ: When was the last time you cried?
Chris Bosh: The NBA Finals. Everybody saw that. Everybody made a big deal out of it, and that’s what bothered me the most. It’s like, “Dude, if you’ve never cried over basketball as a grown man, you’re lying. I don’t care what you’re saying, you’re lying.” I lost at the ultimate level, you know? If the guys don’t understand that, they’re either lying or they don’t have a pulse.

GQ: Crying is a mark of a competitor?
Chris Bosh: Yeah. I hate to lose. When I was a kid, I used to cry every time I lost a game, up until, like, the 8th grade. I used to go ballistic. I used to go crazy. If I cried it’d be like, “Ah, Chris is crying again… damn it… come on, get in the car.” All that over one game. I hated to lose.

GQ: So how’d you play for the Raptors then? You must’ve been crying every day.
Chris Bosh: [laughs] I had gotten rid of the crying when I got to high school, though it happened again when I was a junior. We lost in the state championship. It was kind of the same situation, camera in my face, and then that’s when I realized it was over I had my moment. But we won the next year, then the other people cried. [laughs]