Superhuman of the Year: Oscar Pistorius

GQ correspondent Andrew Corsello sits down with Oscar Pistorius, soon to be the world’s first paraplegic Olympic runner. A taste below:

"Don’t get me wrong—it’s a privilege to be an icon for those who were born the way I was or who have been injured," says Pistorius. "It may sound strange, but I’ve got to focus on the fact that what got me to where I am is my ability as an athlete. It’s about track now." Which isn’t to say that Pistorius, who recently became the new face of Thierry Mugler’s fragrance, is indifferent to the way he presents to the world. "For walking around, I wear normal prosthetics. During the summer, I go with a more Mediterranean look. At the end of summer, I get them sprayed to lighten them up a little—they now come in twenty-eight different shades. Just for kicks, I go for the ones with the really impressive calves."