GQ’s Comic Genius of the Year: Louis CK

Few comics have ever had a better year than this guy. On top of another killer stand-up special, Louis CK pulled off something unprecedented in television: the perfect season. The second season of his FX series, Louie, didn’t have a single less-than-great episode. To pay tribute, we got one of his most memorable guest stars from the season: Joan Rivers. Her full piece is here. A taste below:

Judging from the way he dresses, I’m not sure Louis C.K. ever reads GQ, but just in case he picks this up by mistake during one of his late night newsstand porno runs, here’s my advice:

Dear Louis:

Here’s the good news, kid: You’re here to stay. The bad news? Your chosen life’s work, comedy, is a steaming shithole of cruelty and degeneracy owned and operated by deranged, unattractive thieves. Ignore them. Push forward. Play by your rules and KEEP GOING. Wear blinders if necessary, but KEEP GOING. Don’t let other people tell you what’s funny. Don’t read your reviews— the bad ones hurt too much and the good ones make you weak. It’s all about ego and the moment you start to think you’re wonderful, it’s over—you’ve peaked.

[Photograph by Martin Schoeller]