Ivy League On Ice: GQ & A with George Parros

If you tend to think of hockey players in a certain unflattering light (we won’t bother to enumerate, just watch the Goon trailer) let this interview with Anaheim Ducks player George Parros enlighten you. Matthew Waxman talks to Parros about his facial hair, fighting habit, and Princeton education. (Fortunately we didn’t get bodychecked for listing Princeton the #3 Douchiest College in America.) An excerpt:

GQ: This year—in Brooklyn, at least —the mustache replaced fishnet stockings as the go-to Halloween accessory for the ladies. Can a lady ‘stache be sexy?
George Parros:
I think it can definitely be sexy. With the ‘stache comes a certain amount of attitude and confidence and that can definitely equate to sexiness.

GQ: Let’s talk about the other thing you are known for—fighting. Do you study fighters in other sports to learn new moves?
George Parros:
I do enjoy watching fighting in other sports but it doesn’t really apply to when you’re on skates and off balance. I watch a lot of UFC. I take boxing lessons in the summer but that’s purely so I can get used to punches coming at my face. Hockey fighting is a different beast all together.

GQ: Enforcers rarely fight skill players but, etiquette aside, if you could square off against any guy in the league, who would it be?
George Parros:
I’d probably choose [Calgary Flames captain] Jerome Iginla because he’d be the most worthy competitor. He knows how to fight. I’m a sporting man and I wouldn’t want to dummy some frail superstar that couldn’t defend himself. That wouldn’t be any fun for me.