Nick Wooster Comes To GQ For Lunch

The latest subject in our “Talking With Our Mouths Full” series at We’ve all seen the white bearded hard-ass, dressed like a million bucks on our favorite blogs and web sites. But few know that Nick Wooster’s really just a humble, slightly shy guy from middle of nowhere Kansas, who happens to have a gift for looking good. Gilt Man’s Fashion Adviser ordered the chicken Caesar salad (e-commerce demands a strict diet) and let us in on the man behind the ‘stache. Click here for the full Q+A.

GQ: Is there a particular picture of you that you look back at and regret?
Nick Wooster:
Last winter in February, there was a day that I wore this black bowler hat. The bowler doesn’t fit me but it was a gift and I loved the idea of a hat. But I looked like a grandmother, like a grandmother with a beard. It was not a good look. But I will continue to make sartorial mistakes, that’s part of the job.

GQ: Stores like Uniqlo and H&M have been killing it sales-wise. But you’ve typically worked for companies that specialize in very upscale, expensive clothing. It that frustrating at all?
Nick Wooster:
No. To me it’s amazing. There’s so much great stuff at every price. But the problem is that so many people spend so much money unnecessarily because they’re insecure about things. They feel that if they spend thousands of dollars on something they’re somehow going to be better dressed. When the reality is, you don’t have to spend billions of dollars on things in order to be well-dressed. It has to come from inside.

GQ: What’s one non-fashion-related thing that you’re good at?
Nick Wooster: