Jennifer Aniston’s Fella Goes All Serpico For GQ

We decided we’d like to see Justin Theroux in some 70s-era clothes. We thought you’d like seeing the photos. We also sent Molly Young to talk to him about motorcycles and facial hair and you-know-who. An excerpt:

A dork voice is especially charming for an individual who is devilishly handsome, in the sense that he looks like the Devil. The sinister vibe came in handy for his role as a cult leader in Wanderlust, for which he also grew a woolly beard. Reception of the beard was mixed, but Theroux grew fond of the insulation. “You establish all sorts of mannerisms with it. Like when you’re bored, you can feather your mustache.” And how did women respond to it? Women such as Aniston? “Certain chicks dig it; certain chicks don’t.” A few days after our photo shoot, the beard is gone.

[Photograph by Nathaniel Goldberg]